High-alpine trail construction and maintenance

High Alpine Trail Construction and Maintenance


We are your experts in high alpine trail maintenance and construction! Our passion for mountain biking drives us to create and maintain top-notch trails that will set your heart racing.

Our mission is to provide you with unforgettable riding experiences in high alpine regions. We understand that well-maintained trails not only enhance your safety and enjoyment but also protect the environment and promote the sustainability of mountain biking.

Creation and Maintenance of High Alpine Trails

The planning and implementation of high alpine trails depend on various factors, such as location, target audience requirements, and legal regulations.

1. Trail Construction:

In constructing high alpine trails, we prioritize the highest quality and sustainability. As experts, we develop customized trail concepts tailored to the natural conditions and your needs. Using state-of-the-art technology and skilled craftsmanship, we build trails that meet the highest standards. We are committed to minimizing environmental impact by using eco-friendly materials and methods.

2. Trail Maintenance:

Maintaining high alpine trails requires specialized expertise. We conduct regular inspections and maintenance work to ensure the trails remain safe and rideable. Through targeted measures, we prevent erosion and manage the vegetation along the trails, ensuring a perfect balance between nature experience and riding enjoyment.

Why MBM – Mountain Bike Movement?


Experience and Expertise: Our team consists of experienced trail builders and maintainers who are passionate and skilled in their craft.

Quality and Safety: We place great importance on the quality of our work and your safety on the trails.

Environmental Protection: Sustainability is our top priority. We work closely with environmental authorities and local communities to protect nature.


Experience the freedom of mountain biking at its best with Mountain Bike Movement – your partner for high alpine trail maintenance and construction!

Project: High Alpine Trail Over 2000 Meters

An amazing project! We had the privilege of renovating a trail over 2000 meters in Serfaus-Fiss-Ladis, in extremely steep terrain. The weather was a significant challenge, with frequent heavy rain and snow. We widened the existing trail with a mini-excavator and implemented a new water management system. Now, the trail can be ridden almost without pedaling. We are excited for its completion this year, 2024.

High Alpine Trail Serfaus-Fiss-Ladis

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