Downhill Racetracks

Racetracks are planned, sanitized and provided with advertising material

We are planning and preparing racetracks (according to UCI-Standards) for your events. This includes track-maintenance, safety-arrangements, Course-maps, Taping and the setup of the event infrastructure. We oversee the track observation with the Radsportverband and take care of the racetrack whilst the duration of the event. Furthermore we take care of the necessary removal and the organization of the cleanup efforts after the event.

The unique features of a Skillpark are, the purpose-made obstacles, which are designed to train and improve the technique and the agility of a rider. Unlike conventional trails and paths, who consist of natural and terrain features, Skillparks use manufactured features specifically build for them. Therefore the rider can train his techniques and skillsets with those challenging obstacles.

Why partner with Mountain Bike Movement?

Improvement of techniques and skills

We have the expertise and experience, to design and build a racetrack, that matches the demands of the riders and  to comply with the UCI-racetrack standards.


We can assure, that our tracks are build safely and comply with the standards, to minimize the risk of crashes and injuries.


Due to our expertise, our experience and our equipment, we are able to build trails more efficiently and  to ultimately be fast but precise.


Skillparks are made to give the riders the possibility to train their techniques and skillset on a safe environment. Therefore they contribute to minimize the risk of crashes on the trails. With the acquired skills in the skillpark, riders are able to ride the trails safer and in a more controlled way.

longterm maintenance

We do as well offer longterm maintenance service, to assure that the trails are in good conditions and comply to demands of the riders and the race management centre.

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