Bikepark Serfaus-Fiss-Ladis

Another project takes place on the Fisser backside. There, we built the Zirben Trail, which is easy and ideally suited for enduro riders. This trail originally starts at the top and winds down the backside of the back of the mountain until it enters the below pin forest. We also redesigned the Supernatural trail in the park, which is one of our flagship trails. Big and small jumps, wood construction, stones and side jumps, roots, step-ups, everything necessary that makes a red trail. We had free hands in planning and implementation. The result can be seen. In the middle of the park, where we built a new downhill entrance to bypass a dangerous piece and avoid an unnecessary crossing with bridge construction in the steep terrain. 


On the red track in Fiss, we built a section where we rebuilt the jumps. With the help of a 9 ton excavator we created a big new curve at the entrance, which leads to an easier table jump, then to a step-up jump and further to a fast S-curve. Here we completely rebuilt the wooden wallride, with a stone construction below and a wooden construction above of it. This is 12 m long and 4 m high, advanced bikers can even jump out at the end. 


A blue jumpline was built on the old ski slope as a variant with 4 jumps, which follow each other and get bigger and bigger. This jumpline is ideal for practicing your first jumps. As every year, we rebuild the pump track in the parking lot in the spring, every year courage to new design.

"In recent years, we have been able to implement several projects with MBM - thanks to their expertise, commitment, and reliability, it has always been a very good collaboration."

Christian Zangerl
Bikepark Serfaus-Fiss-Ladis – Bikepark Manager

Bikepark Serfaus-Fiss-Ladis

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