Söller Bike Saloon

An exemplary project for excellent and efficient collaboration with Trailspirit is the Trail Park in Söll. On a thoroughly prepared base made of natural soil materials, a sustainable asphalt pump track was created. The execution of the second phase was carried out in collaboration with Go Sports Consulting. The result is impressive: 160 meters of asphalt pump track for bikers, skateboarders, scooter riders, and also e-bikers. In addition to the pump track, a 1,100-meter trail park with green and blue sections was constructed. Trail parks are ideal for rural communities, but asphalt pump tracks are the future for cities.

Some time later, we spent a few days on-site to refurbish and modify the trails. Our goal is to make the trails even more attractive. New jumps and curves were built, and a fresh layer of material was applied. These improvements ensure a more exciting and safer riding experience.

"The collaboration with Daniel Tulla and his team can certainly be described as excellent and unobstructed. Firstly, the initial consultation was straightforward and particularly informative. It is worth mentioning the collaboration with other local partners who always supported the team of Mountain Bike Movement. The Bike Saloon Söll was implemented within 9 months (including 4 months of winter) from the initial consultation to commissioning. All parties involved, especially Mountain Bike Movement, Sport Edinger, the municipality and the Wilder Kaiser-Söll Tourism Association, were ultimately rewarded for their efforts with a glance in children's eyes!"

Alexander Edinger Sport Edinger – Inhaber

Söller Bike Saloon

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