Bikepark Innsbruck

Since day 1 – one of our biggest partners. Bikepark Innsbruck helped us a lot at planning and rescheduling in the Bikepark. Bikepark Innsbruck was also involved in the implementation and realization of the Crankworx project in Innsbruck.     We rebuiled the trail in Götzens, starting with the upper area, continued by parts of the downhill course to Götzens.  The finish for Crankworx Innsbruck was built with the help of helicopters and the special construction in the wet and steep terrain. Furthermore, the trail on this side was repeatedly improved or rebuilt.     In Mutters, we did a reshape of the red trail with continuous improvements. Newly built was the blue trail from the top station to the middle station. The blue, easy flowtrail is provided with small jumps and wooden construction.     Furthermore, a skill park, with 2 lines and many small wooden elements also for children was created at the top station. This hasn’t influence on the winter operation, as this was built negatively.     In record time (8 days), we built the new Crankworx downhill trail in Mutters from the middle station to the bottom. This trail is characterized by large and small jumps, the few interventions in nature, drops and the forest traverse, in other words, everything that is needed for a good downhill track. In the lower part of the blue trail, rebuilds and improvements were made. Later, we build the downhill track from the middle station to the upper part of the mountain. For this, we used piecewise excavators. As a variation of the blue trail, the black technical jumpline was built, which is characterized by its technical demanding jumps, tables and step-downs.     Throughout the park, wooden structures and platforms were built for launching opportunities. After the necessary drainages were laid, we also supervised the control for nature conservation.

Bikepark Innsbruck – from the beginning

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